Our Story

Welcome to the extraordinary journey of Baldwin Hills Urgent Care, a medical practice deeply rooted in the heart of South Los Angeles. Founded by Dr. Amos Ladouceur on October 19, 2019, our story is one of resilience, community commitment, and a fervent belief in accessible healthcare for all.

A Vision Takes Root: Over a decade of experience in diverse healthcare settings in Los Angeles compelled Dr. Ladouceur to address the healthcare disparities faced by black residents in South LA. Witnessing patients travel long distances for medical care, he envisioned a place that offered outstanding, culturally competent, and accessible services.

Weekend Urgent Care Emerges: Facing challenges securing a startup loan, Dr. Ladouceur opted for a bold move – bootstrapping, subleasing a clinic, and launching Weekend Urgent Care on weekends. The plan was simple yet powerful – organic growth based on community demand.

Navigating the Pandemic: In May 2020, amid the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Weekend Urgent Care officially opened its doors in Baldwin Hills. Initially seeing 10-20 patients per weekend, the clinic faced a turning point when COVID-19 cases surged. Reluctant at first, Dr. Ladouceur's dedication led to the establishment of reliable testing protocols, ensuring timely results and comprehensive care for COVID-19+ patients.

Expansion Amidst Challenges: In February 2021, just nine months after the inauguration of Weekend Urgent Care, our medical office building was sold, presenting an unforeseen challenge. We were informed that we would need to relocate, prompting an intensive search for a new location to continue serving our valued patients. After months of determination and resilience, we secured a 1,800 square foot space 100 feet from our previous location, within the Bedford Parc Building at 3750 Santa Rosalia Drive, allowing us to design a new and state-of-the-art clinic in Baldwin Hills, CA.

This marked a pivotal moment in our journey, leading to the decision to officially change our name from Weekend Urgent Care to Baldwin Hills Urgent Care in January 2024. This symbolic shift symbolizes our commitment to the community and allows us to expand our services, offering healthcare solutions seven days a week to meet the growing needs of our patients.

Amidst the challenges, Baldwin Hills Urgent Care emerged stronger, with a brand new clinic ready to provide comprehensive, accessible, and culturally competent healthcare to the residents of Baldwin Hills and beyond.

Our Vision: At Baldwin Hills Urgent Care, we believe in providing outstanding healthcare facilities in the neighborhoods where black residents of LA reside. With our new locations in Baldwin Hills and the newly designed clinic, we are committed to growing our practice, adding providers and staff, and serving as healthcare leaders in South Los Angeles.

Join us on this transformative journey as we officially change our name and continue to break barriers, serve our community, and shape the future of accessible healthcare.
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